Unrivalled fitness classes. More than workout classes, they’re experiences. Created and developed by the industry’s best minds. They appeal to all interest and fitness levels. Taught by superstars who inspire and ignite. In specially designed studios and pristine spaces. Stretch, balance and flex your way through whatever life hurls at you with our yoga classes. Or challenge yourself with a Dance class where rhymes, syntax and rhythms join cardiovascular exercise to create enjoyable fat burning routines. At Bodywise Fitness, we’re continually crafting a suite of destination experiences that bring results through innovation.

Lose yourself with a music fueled indoor ride. Cycling classes created to serve every mood, moment, and metric. Increase your cardiovascular Fitness. Burn 650 calories in less than an hour.


-Tuesday session 6-7pm

-Thursday session 7-8pm.

Maximize your range of motion and caloric expenditure with volume-driven interval circuits. Our renowned fitness professionals will push you through innovative, high intensity workouts supported by elements of functional movements, nutrition and regeneration for a comprehensive approach to meeting your fitness goals.


Mon- Sat session 1: 6:00-6:45am

Mon-Sat session 2: 7:00-7:45am

Mon-Sat session 3: 8:00-8:45am

Mon-Sat session 4: 9:00-9:45am

A serious calorie burn where we put all our kicks and punches together in a burst of exhilarating music. Kick your cardio fitness to the next level while defining and shaping your body. Basic martial arts techniques and strength moves that challenge balance and agility.


-Monday session 1: 6-7pm

-Monday session 2: 7-8pm

-Wednesday session: 7-8pm

-Friday session 1: 6-7pm

-Friday session 2: 7-8pm

-Saturday session: 6-7pm

It’s tough. It’s fun – unexpected! It’s Box Fit the Bodywise way. A high energy guided boxing class. With music. We honor the fighting traditions by rigorously adapting them in hard hitting new classes that battle by their own rules.  Be a warrior. Be a Champion. Embrace the challenge.


-Monday session: 6-7pm

-Wednesday session: 6-7pm

-Friday session: 6-7pm

Staying healthy and fit when you’re pregnant is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. Tone and strenghthen your body as it goes through the remarkable changes of pregnancy. Strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Learn to relax, breathe and meditate in preparation for the big day. Take the time to centre,connect and focus on yourself and your baby. Improve balance and alignment as the body grows bigger so as to reduce lowe back pain.


-Monday sessions: 11am-12pm

-Wednesday sessions: 11am-12pm

-Friday sessions: 11am-12pm

Get back into pre-baby shape while bonding with your little one. Get back into the swing of things with a mix up of resistance, cardiovascular intervals, Core strenghthening and stretching. Great music and the positive energy will guarantee that you leave feeling amazing. Our professional fitness trainers wii guide through a challenging and effective workout that is safe for all new moms.

You’ve triumphed through pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn. Now it’s time to get your body back. Our Fit Mom program is the perfect cost effective postnatal routine, ideal for mums with babies 3 months to 30 Years! You get to share the cost of having your own personal trainer while reducing inches from your waistline, sculpting your muscles and improving your body after baby. These classes are designed to make mums sweat and workhard through workouts that deliver results, and foster camaraderie and motivation. Because we want to focus on you for the entire hour, each session is a moms-only personal training workout limited to a max of 30 women lead by two or more fitness coaches. Our training strategy is proven to deliver incredible results. As a mom your time is valuable and we want to make sure you get everything you can out of your workout.Our personal trainers tailor postnatal workouts to meet the needs of all fitness levels while:


  1. Helping you create S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals
  2. Providing guidance & motivation to ACHIEVE your goals
  3. Inspiring a smile when you put on your skinny jeans


The program includes:


  1. Highly personalized group training sessions
  2. Nutritional advise
  3. Weekly self-care practices
  4. Ongoing personal coaching from our personal trainers
  5. ‘Before & After’ body measurements & pictures
  6. A personalized fitness assessment at the beginning and end of program
  7. A private social media platform forum to share questions, recipes, tips, and communicate with coaches and other moms
  8. Accountability from two coaches to stay the course (there will be opportunities to win prizes along the way to entice you!)
  9. Motivation and camaraderie from all the other moms in the program
  10. Special parties to celebrate YOU and your success!



Under the Fit Moms program we offer:




Xtrim : A 60 minutes Do an exercise as hard as you can for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do another exercise for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.


Zumba: A 60 minutes total workout combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave.


X – Fit: A 60 minutes session designed to work your entire body with a special focus on core.


Clubbercise: A 60 minutes high intensity easy to follow dance class focused on burning calories and conditioning. A fun new way to workout, learn new dance styles and tone up.



Box Fit: A 60 minutes session that incorporates cardio boxing with core and strength training, designed to be a full body workout.

You can start classes after your GP check-up (generally 6 weeks after a natural birth and 10-12 weeks after a c-section).  Different exercises are adopted to suit each mums recovery and each person works at her own fitness level.  Our personal trainers are on hand to show you the correct techniques so that you get maximum benefit out of the program.

The classes last 60 minutes and will provide a full body workout. Starting with a warm up; moving into a muscle endurance circuit, followed by some cardiovascular training.  Some gentle exercises to strengthen and tone tums and pelvic floor before finishing with a cool down and stretch.  Babies are welcome to come along.

Classes meet 5 times a week, an hour each session, providing social stimulation as well as physical benefits.


Mon-Fri sessions: 10-11am

Bringing a night out to your workout. Choreography by professional dancers meets of –the – moment playlists in high – energy cardio classes based upon a diverse selection of dance styles. Quite possibly the most fun you can have in a group.


Tuesday Session: Clubbercize Dance class : 7 – 8  PM :

Wednesday Session : Creative Dance class : 6 – 7  PM

Thursday Session : Sakata Dance Class : 6 – 7 PM

Saturday Session : Clubbercize Dance Class : 6 – 7 PM

Silver & Fit

Staying active in your 50s and beyond can be the best gift you give to yourself. The Silver & Fit program aims to increase participants’ quality of life by improving muscle strength and balance, reducing falls and injuries, promoting personal well-being and independence and providing a fun and sociable exercise option.

Silver & Fit is a modified exercise class delivered by a certified  fitness coach. The exercises have been packaged into a formal regimen focusing on four key areas important to the health and fitness of older adult participants:

  1. Low impact cardiovascular
  2. Dynamic/static balance work
  3. Strength training
  4. Flexibility

Program goal

The goal of the Silver & Fit program is to improve the overall functional fitness and well-being of older adults.


Benefits  of the program:

Incorporating strength, balance, flexibility and cardio exercises, regular participants can expect to benefit from:

  1. Stronger bones and joints
  2. Increased independence and mobility
  3. Prevention and better management of health conditions, including weight control, blood pressure and cholesterol
  4. Improved mental and social wellbeing

Classes meet four times a week, an hour each session, providing social stimulation as well as physical benefits.

Pre-exercise screening is conducted when commencing the program, however it is recommended participants check with their GP prior to commencing this light-moderate intensity exercise program.

The classes are suitable for those with stable chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, joint replacement or those who have previously lived a sedentary lifestyle.




Cardio Lite : Its a 60 minutes energizing and fun workout that includes a variety of low-impact exercises to stimulating music and supervised strength training designed especially for seniors! Improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility with this fun class.



 X – Fit : Its a 60 minutes  low level interval training based class for all levels of ability. An emphasis on low impact exercises, flexibility and mobility, which makes this class ideal for the over 50’s.



Posture : Its a 60 minutes  low impact class with an emphasis on improving posture, balance, range of motion, flexibility, and muscle strength.



Flexibility : Its a 60 minutes  relaxation class. Relieves stress and cultivates a clear mind and strong body. Its perfect for tired or sore muscles, ideal for beginners, seniors or those seeking slow and mindful practice to balance out the bustle.


Classes meet four times a week, an hour each session, providing social stimulation as well as physical benefits.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday Session 1 : 11 – 12pm

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Session 2 : 4 – 5 pm